Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My Mother's Day started, snuggled in bed with my three babies, as a thunder storm raged outside and Philip got ready to go in to work.

Not a bad way to start the day

Before Philip went in (possibly for the next 24 hours), he and the kids gave me really sweet cards and some yummy chocolates!

Keenan said, "I think you should share some of these chocolate with us, because this is waay too much for you to eat!" =)   

On Thursday, they had a Mother's Day brunch at Keenan's school...

I got a really stylish hat and some cute gifts

This questionnaire the teacher did with each kid was Hilarious!!

I am soo blessed.  Blessed with a husband who loves, supports and encourages me, and blessed with the three most amazing children.   Keenan, Moriah and Caleb, I love you so much!

Also on this day, I'd like to recognize the two great Moms in my life:

We love you!


Mom E said...

I kinda' wished we would've had a stormy day here. Staying in bed and snuggling sounds so nice. So bummed Philip had to go into work on Mother's Day though! That stinks.
I want to compliment Keenan on his totally unselfish suggestion that you share your chocolate with him!! How magnanimous of him! lol.
The questionnaire was so funny (my favs were how much you weighed & that your favorite thing to do was play with him!!!)... & the picture equally as adorable. I framed the one Isaac made me 4 years ago.
And once again, thank you for the acknowledgement.
You are a great mom also!
Happy Mother's Day, Joia.

I love you, (your other) Mom :)

Mom W. said...

Thanks Joia, you are a good Mom, I am proud of you!! xoxo