Sunday, May 27, 2012

My 31st Birthday 5K!

It had only been a week since my crazy, "31st Birthday 5K" idea, and now it has actually happened!!   If you missed the post here where I talked about it, the point was that I was turning 31, running 3.1 miles, with a goal of 31 minutes.

Yesterday was one of, if not The most fun birthday celebration ever.    I'll let the pictures tell the story...

A big thanks to Devin, the event photographer who took most of these pictures. =)

Philip marked out the two turn around spots on the course, and added cute messages to me...

Me with the start/finish line

The prizes - bags from Thirty One

Draw Prizes

Some of us designed our own shirts with a '31" theme...

Mary Edith


(Who made Margarita cupcakes for after the race)

The back of her shirt


My shirt

Pretty Ladies

The medals I made for all the participants

I'm So excited!

Listening as Philip describes the course

Group shot at the start line

A fun picture, fighting for a good starting position =)

... and we're off!

From the very start, this race was Owned by Melissa!

Danah, Rebekah, and I looping back by just past the halfway mark

Presenting... the line up for the race:



Rebekah and I

Mary Edith




Drink helpers =)


Melissa at the finish - first place!

Philip at the timing and recording station

Me sprinting to a third place finish.   30 minutes and 23 seconds

Cool shot of Rebekah



Getting some post race food out

A lot of Gatorade disappeared that morning

Time to present awards and pass out medals...

Melissa getting her medal

...and her First Prize bag

Me with the third place bag

More medals...

Me and Tiffany

Philip played such a huge part in helping organize this event, from clocking the route, to timing, to marking the turn arounds, etc... Thank you so much, Babe!

Soo very thirsty

A most deserved medal to Rebekah (who ran the race while feeling pretty sick!)

I got some amazing gifts from friends, too!

Jen and I share a sweaty hug

Post race group picture

... with our muscles

It was HOT!!!   Everything went really smoothly though and everyone had a great time!   I couldn't have asked for a better birthday, or for better friends.  Thank you to All who came and celebrated with me!

When I got home, Philip gave me this pool chair so I could lounge with the kids in the pool for a while before we got back to work staining the deck.

31 and so blessed =)


Shambach's said...

What a fabulous idea for a birthday celebration. I'll have to keep that in mind for my 31st bday. Looks like it was tons of fun! Happy Birthday Joia!

Mom W. said...

Looks like everything went well, congratulations on 3rd place Joia!!

Hannah said...

That's awesome Joia! Congrats on the run!!