Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gulf Islands National Seashore/Fort Pickens

On Sunday, we took a family trip to the Gulf Islands National Seashore. We recently found out that they are giving free passes to military families (starting May 19th) for all National Parks in the country!    Our visit to the seashore was primarily to get our pass (which they were currently out of), but also to see the Fort.  Here is a link to find out more about the passes.

   Fort Pickens was one of the four forts in the South to not fall to the Confederacy.

Look how pretty the water is!

I love this silhouette shot of the kids

Keenan with a canon
(The fort was originally built to hold 200 canons!)

The old architecture was Amazing - and quite overwhelming for the girl holding the camera! =)

I just loved this old brick

This cracks me up

... and this is a little freaky

Not sure what these outbuildings are, but doesn't the one on the right look like Green Gables??

Philip with a huge canon (it took ten men to operate this!)

The track it turns on

This corner of the fort was blown out when a magazine full of gunpowder exploded.


One of my favs

Love this one too

Keenan wanted his picture taken in one of the (now empty) gun encasement

... so of course Moriah did too =)

How gorgeous is this??

Aaaahh... makes me want to get married again, just to have my pictures taken here! =0)

Us in an archway

Close up

Three happy kids!

So much texture!

My imprisoned family

My handsome husband

I just happened to look up and see the kids walking like this

Philip and the kids in one of the creepier parts of the fort

These two tunnels lead to rooms that used to be filled with gunpowder.  In the event that this section of the fort was taken over, they would blow it up.

As we were leaving

On the way home, the kids and I jumped out at one of the beaches to collect some seashells.   We didn't find too many, but the kids sure enjoyed the gorgeous water!

More catch up blog posts to follow!


Mom W. said...

I really liked the pictures. Just pondering the "old brick" one, not very nice calling yourself an old brick Joia!! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow, those would be gorgeous wedding pictures... Or family pictures... I love them!

Looks like you had an awesome time :)