Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busy Day

This morning the kids and I went to the little beach with Rebekah, her kids, and her friend (awesome, CANADIAN), Lisa.

I didn't take very many pictures.

For some reason, Keenan and Moriah Love this little bridge and wanted their picture taken on it

Caleb being goofy (what's with that tongue?)

In the afternoon we went to the MOPS year end picnic.  Again, not very many pictures...

Do you see a theme here?

After the picnic, we went over to the Storeys.   Josh has been gone all week (on a mission trip to Ecuador), so we watched the kids for a little bit so Rebekah could get out of the house on her own.

Judah, Joel and Caleb

Our sweet baby (who just popped some tiny teeth through!)

After that, Philip took the kids home and I went for a run.   Did about 2.9 miles in 30 minutes.

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Mom E said...

Oh my goodness, those tongue photos are adorable!! I also loved the one where Philip was kissing Caleb's chubby little cheeks!