Saturday, May 12, 2012

At the Beach with Friends

The kids and I had a fun couple of hours at the beach yesterday with some good friends!

My sweet girl (with her totally matching outfit)

Ready to hit the waves

Elijah and Keenan dodging the waves

Happy in the sand

Happy dudes in the tent

Cookie cake I made for Nathalie's birthday

Rebekah and I

Happy sleeping boy

Trying out a picture frame idea I saw somewhere

Rebekah's mom, Mary, with Judah

So cute!

The whole gang

Keenan and Judah

Rebekah and Judah

Keenan and Elijah swimming

A new favorite beverage!

Me and my three =)


Mom W. said...

Cool pics. love the purple girl.

Happy Mother's Day Joia!!

Anonymous said...

love the pic of Keenan and friend dodging the waves...the way you caught Keenan looks like he's on his tippy toes!!!

Mom E said...

This is really, really cool. At first I thought this was one of your photo shop type photos, but you really had the picture frame in the sand?!! For some reason, I couldn't view this on my phone, had to wait to get on my computer to see it.

Happy Mother's Day! Love you.