Thursday, April 12, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

On Monday, we went strawberry picking with the Pennys.    Thanks to Philip's persistent picking, we came home with about 30 lbs of berries!

Our two sweet berries

With Eden

Moriah helping Daddy

Philip washed and hulled most of them for me when we got home, and the next day was time to make jam!

Three ingredients - it doesn't get easier than that!

This doesn't have anything to do with berries, but I thought it was cute that Spunky decided to keep Moriah company while she was in time out =)

After making jam, I froze a ton for pies, other desserts, smoothies etc, and also made some of my own strawberry topping for ice cream.

Some of the berries went down with this amazing cheesecake too.  We needed to share it with six other people to make sure we didn't gain a hundred pounds! =)

The recipe is on my dessert blog


Chris and Lara Stafford said...

WHen we're y'all there? We were there Monday around 0930...need to go back! And wow does that cheesecake look amazing! Lara

Mom W. said...

Oh so good, strawberries.... can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joia, I think I've said this before, but the pic of your 2 and Eden, I had to do a double take. Eden looks just like Autumn, missing tooth and all! Cheers. Love Diana

Mom E said...

Philip's Persitent Picking sounds like the start to a new tongue twister! haha
The photo of Spunky keeping Moriah company just breaks a Grandma's heart y'know. So sweet that Spunky was keeping her company and guarding her.
Strawberries look sooo good.
Love, Mom