Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Easter Fun!

Yesterday we were invited to a fun Easter brunch and egg hunt at our friends, the D'Orazio's.

Cupcakes I made to take

I LOVE this picture of the kids putting bunny ears on Spunky!!

... and they look pretty cute on Caleb too =)

Moriah looking super cute on the way to the party

All the kids lined up to start the hunt

Moriah climbing down from getting some eggs
(she Only picked up pink and purple ones!)

Keenan getting some good finds (NO pink or purple for him!)

There were 600 eggs!

Yay!  Another pink one!

With their treasures after the hunt

Me and my handsome man

With our two big kids

Family picture with the little bunny

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Mom E said...

I really like all the family pictures. It's nice to see you and Philip as well as the kids! Looks like Keenan really made out on the egg hunt! Was there something inside them? Love, Mom