Friday, April 20, 2012

Kuties and Kale

The last couple days in our house:

Our sweet boy snoozing in his new bouncy seat

Chillin' with his new friend, Easton

Sweet kiss from Easton =)

Cliff, Jodi and Easton came for dinner (shrimp boil) the other night

Kids on a dock

My official "last edit" on (since it's supposed to be dying)
"Caleb's view from the car seat)

I've recently been hearing a lot about kale, a food I have Never bought before!  Upon researching it a little, I was astounded at what a Super food it is nutritionally!    I went out and bought this huge two pound bag yesterday...

What to do with it?

I posted on Facebook, asking people what their favorite thing to do with kale is.   Any blog readers have suggestions?

Last night I sauteed some with onions, then tossed it with some olive oil, spices and lime and paired it with baked Tilapia.  I'm hooked!


Keira said...

Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

Lisa said...

Kale chips are delicious! Put Kale on a cookie sheet and pour a little olive oil over it and sprinkle it with a little salt. Bake on low heat around 200 degrees for about 20-30 min. When it is dry and crispy it is done. Enjoy!

Mom E said...

It seems everywhere I turn I'm hearing about Kale...and finally, someone explained how to actually make the "chips". I'm going to try this for sure. And what other variations are there to making the chips?
If you get some good recipes for it, will you put them on your food blog?
The recipe you created on this blog looks so healthy and yummy. Love, Mom

denise said...

Another Easton??!!! My Easton is SOOO excited to see another Easton :) Since it's not a super common name. YAY!

Mom W. said...

Great pics, just catching up! I like Kale... Dad doesn't! Oh well, maybe I should try the chips!

Love the pic of Caleb's view from the car seat!!