Friday, April 20, 2012

A Fun Friday

Today was a fun, busy day!

It started with the kids and I hitting the gym at 8:30.   I did my first two mile run in Forever!!   It was pretty tough, but it felt soo good after!!

At 10, we met up with Rebekah, Lesley and Michelle (all residency wives) and our combined THIRTEEN children for a walk/picnic on base.

Judah and Moriah in Rebekah's stroller

The other moms

All the big boys and the rocks they collected

On one of the shady, "backroads" 

After naps, I took the kids to Lincoln Park to go swimming...

Happy dude!

Caleb enjoying the fresh air

Sweet girl

I love this shot of them jumping off the dock!

Keenan's graceful "back flop"

Keenan had just snuck up on Moriah like a shark =)

Caleb's little piggies in the sand for the first time
(Edited in my new favorite program, Picmonkey)

Caleb even got some time in the sand (well, on a towel)  He's doing really well sitting up!

He makes me laugh

So sweet

He he

His tongue is soo funny!

Caleb's and my footprints =)

Moriah all snuggled up

Keenan on his new friend's boogie board

So tired

Tuckered out

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Mom E said...

Wow, these are Amazing photos. I love, love them all!! The footprints one was so cool. Caleb is just adorable. Keenan and Moriah jumping off the dock together was way cool.

Love, Mom