Sunday, April 29, 2012

Estuary Festival 2012

Yesterday we took the kids to the annual Estuary Festival at the Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park.    We had never been before, since this was the first time we'd heard about it!

The kids got to make t shirts with the print of a (real) fish on them!

Keenan painting his fish (a flounder)

All finished!  (Will post pics soon of the finished shirts)

Moriah and Daddy waiting in line

Painting hers (not sure what type of fish this is?)

Pink and purple - no surprise there

Pushing the shirt down onto the fish to transfer the design

Some rescue owls

All ready to do their crab/octopus race!

Here is a family picture from the Last time (2009) we were at this park!

How we've changed! =)

Philip and his cuties

Me with the kids

Sweet boy

Love this


Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the family pictures. The one from 2009 doesn't seem like it was very long ago, until I look at how much your kids have grown!

I love the pictures of both you and Philip with the kids. Very sweet!

See you soon!

Rebekah :)

Mom E said...

Seriously, Rebekah's comment perfectly sums up my feelings, so I'll just say, "ditto" to hers. lol.

Mom E said...

p.s. I do have to add how much I really like the photo of Caleb looking at you and you at him with his chubby little hands on your face. :)