Friday, April 6, 2012

Egg Hunts and Our First Seder

These pictures didn't upload in the right order, but anyway, this is what we did yesterday...

In the afternoon, we went over to visit Myrtle, and I hid eggs all over her backyard for the kids to find.  I knew she'd get a kick out of watching them...and she did.  =)

On the hunt

Possibly the best picture of these three together yet - three smiles!!

Myrtle loving on Caleb

In the morning, we joined Keenan's class at school to watch them do an egg hunt and then we all had a picnic lunch together.

Moriah waiting patiently for the class to come out to the playground

Boy, are we in trouble with this one, or what?

There were eggs Everywhere!

Keenan and Elijah

Keenan with Eden

Checking out their loot

Candy corn!

A rare picture of me with all three!

Last night we went to the Penny's for our very first ever Seder meal!

I didn't really know much about Seder at all until last night.   If you don't, you should read up on it!   It was a very cool meal, with a certain order of events, telling the story of the Passover in a really easy to understand way.   Each of the foods represented part of the story, and it was interesting even for the kids!


Mom W. said...

I don't have time to comment on all of them, but I love all the pictures and will look at them again when I have time. Yes, I would like some family prints, will let you know. Love you all, Mom

Mom E said...

I love all the photos Joia. Moriah is just stunningly beautiful and so photogenic. I am so glad you got to experience a Seder. The really awesome thing about this year is that Passover and Good Friday were on the same day, as well as First Fruits and Easter. Love, Mom