Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday here in our home!

First the kids opened their Easter baskets...

Goodies from Grandpa and Grandma Eberts

Gifts from Mommy and Daddy
(seeds and pots to plant their own flowers)

We have been having "house church" here for the last few weeks, and this morning the Pennys and their kids joined us.    We read through the Easter story while the kids acted it out with this cool "resurrection set" I found online!   Here is the link (scroll down to find where to print the set).

I love this!!

This evening we had Easter dinner out on the deck.

The table all set (my china passed down from my mom that I rarely use, but should more often!)

Resurrection Eggs (I got the idea from seeing Jessica's, and I think this will be a new tradition for us! Here is the link)  Each egg has a verse and a part of the story inside.

Devin and Melissa being goofy with the fig leaves on the table =)

The kids opening the first egg

Good times!  Myrtle joined us, too!

The kid's table


Melissa and Eden with Caleb

So cute!

A picture of the Pennys from earlier that day

I love this one of Philip and Caleb

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Mom E said...

Everything looked so pretty and festive. I wished we could've been there to celebrate with you.
Love and miss you, Mom/Grandma