Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dad and Kids Kayak Trip

Philip and Keenan and Devin, Jade and Eden went on a kayaking trip yesterday!  They put in on the Yellow River up in Milligan near a train bridge that I have taken pictures at before and paddled for 6 hours down to Carr Landing (a campsite on the Eglin Reservation where we parked the Penny's van).  Philip and Devin loaded the Kayak's on our van Friday night and I came along to drop them off in Milligan so they wouldn't have to drive back to the starting point to get the van.

Three amigos at the launch point.

All ready to float!

See you later...hopefully

Bye bye boys

 Off they go

Snack time...only about 20 min into the trip since they got such a late start.

The three cents

Keenan on the "lookout" for downed trees and sandbars that would snag the kayak.

Pit stop to get lunch for everyone out of the coolers.  Due to the late start they had to eat as they floated.

Devin found this baby turtle during a stop to answer a call from one of the residents.

See the semi driving on I-10?

On the other side of I-10 (Devin is going backwards at this point)

For a couple of miles from before and after I-10 there were tons of fallen trees to navigate around.  This was the only one where Philip pulled out the camera thinking he could get a photo without getting stuck.  He was wrong, but I'm at least glad he got the photo.

A very pretty stretch south of I-10 just before the Shoal River feeds into the Yellow.

Approaching Little Gin Hole recreation area

If you look very closely you can see a "waterfall" in between Jade and Keenan

This is Gin Hole Landing, 8 miles into the trip and a possible future campsite

Navigating some more fallen trees

Almost there...13.39 miles down, 0.01 to go (hence Eden jumping ship).

Woo hoo!  Finally done and free to play in the river while the dads load the vessels on the van.

All in all a fun day on the river.  Keenan said that it wasn't fun as he was expecting (since he was kind of bored in the kayak and wanted to get out and play at every single sandbar), but would still want to do it again.  Devin and Philip are thinking about trying out the Blackwater River in a couple of weeks to see how it compares to the Yellow as we would like to try and organize a trip for some of the residents to bring their kids along as well in the fall.


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Mom W. said...

Looks like it was a great kayak trip!!!

Mom E said...

Wow, a six hour kayak trip with 3 small kids. I'd say you have 2 brave daddy's there. But, I guess that's better than a "3 hour tour" & ending up on a tv series.... lol.