Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Foolery, etc...

Was there any April Fool's jokes going on in your house in the first?   There was here. =)

The kids hid toys in Philip's shoes, I switched Keenan's drawers around while he was sleeping, drew a picture on the mirror in the kid's bathroom, pinned all of the socks in Philip's drawer together, dyed the water in our toilet purple and put a crazy drawing on the inside of the toilet lid that said "April Fools!", switched out his shampoo with water and swapped the kids shoe baskets around.    The kids thought the day was pretty funny.  Philip, on the other hand was hard to get any reaction out of (despite All my efforts!)  So, when we went to bed that night and I stuck my toes under the covers... and they were met with ice packs, I was Delighted that he had finally played along! =)

I had some other "breakfast time" pranks that I had planned to play, but due to my "worst night of sleep yet" the night before with Caleb, Philip had let me sleep in that morning, so I missed breakfast time with the rest of them. =)

Speaking of Caleb and sleeping... the two don't really go together that well. =)   We decided that he has been sleeping too much during the day, so have cut his naps back to two or three.   I've also started giving him some rice cereal to help keep his tummy full for longer, since I'm cutting way back on the number of times I'm nursing him in the night.     I've let him cry... a LOT the last two nights, and I don't see any changes yet (even with less naps and eating rice cereal).   Hopefully we will figure this out soon - this Mama needs sleep!

Today we got to go to Keenan's school for Easter Chapel.   The classes sang a bunch of songs together, with cute actions, and then they listened to an Easter story, read by the director.    They also did communion, but we don't feel that kids this young have any idea what it's all about, so we didn't partake this time.

 The whole group

 Our favorite one =)

 Singing with his class

 "... I will seek you in the morning, and I will follow you all of my days...."

Miss Kathy reading the Easter story

This afternoon, Keenan was singing one of the songs from chapel and he said, "...and I will never (instead of "ever") praise You..."  Oops!

Couple randoms:

 Our smiley boy on Daddy's lap

 He Loves rice cereal!  (He is our best eater of this stuff yet!)

Yesterday, Philip was home, so we had a super fun date day!

We left the two older kids with Devin in the morning and drove to Destin.   We had lunch (our first time) at Zoe's Kitchen and loved it!   Then we saw Hunger Games!!   I have been super excited to see this movie and it did Not disappoint!  I didn't realize however, (silly me) that it was a trilogy, so I guess if I'll have to read the books in the meantime, so I don't go nuts waiting for the next movie to come out!

After the movie, we picked up the kids and went for a run, then I showered and headed out with Melissa for "Margarita Monday With a Difference", we went to Bippy's for frozen yogurt!   Woohoo!  I am so in love.

Me with my Cranberry Hibiscus yogurt topped with strawberries, blueberries, 
kiwi, mango and coconut!


Anonymous said...

Go Philip... ice packs, she deserves it! =) LOL

We forgot it was even April Fools day!!

Mom W. said...

Woops, that was me... Mom not annonymous

Mom E said...

Wow, I didn't even remember that it was April Fool's day either and we even discussed it!! LOL. You really go all out, Joia. You are so much fun! Your kids and husband are really blessed. :)
And very funny with the ice packs. What a 'cool' guy.

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