Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prettying up our room

We've lived in this house for almost five years, and just in the past few weeks have I put things on the walls in our bedroom.

Before and After:

It definitely helps my case that the "before" picture was messy, right? =)

I had Andrew make the square frames for me when he was here, and I spray painted them and attached some dried crape myrtle branches to them with twine.   The crib rail piece, I made and featured a little while ago.

On the window, I had Philip hang some drapery hooks and I hung a "scarf" (that's actually what they're called!) to dress it up a bit.

Much better!

These took Philip a little to get used to... =)

I like how they turned out, and as Rebekah W pointed out, they will be super easy to redecorate however I want!


TAV said...

Your projects are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

sticks on the wall... tell philip to look out- ladies get attached to these things and you end up moving wardrobe boxes full of twigs from state to state...

Mom E said...

Wow, that is an amazing difference. I noticed too that you flipped the pillows so the "stripe" was on the outsides which widened the look of the bed. And once you put something on either side of the window it made the wall look bigger! Great job, Joia.

Mom W. said...

Very nice!! I'm with Philip, it would take some getting used to for me too!!