Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Planking: Part Two

So... the urge to plank hit me while Mark and Rebekah were here, as I mentioned in my first Planking post.  But, like my fixation with the Etch a Sketch in Mexico, it seems this phase in my life has also passed.  Here are the rest of the pictures of my "week of planking"...

 At Dairy Queen (probably my favorite one)

 Also at DQ


 ...and again

 ... and again

At Logan's restaurant

Restroom at Logan's
(was really hoping the sinks didn't break off!)

Do you see me?


At home


Mark and Rebekah said...

I can see that the whole planking phase wouldn't be as fun without your awesome photographer :)

My favourite part was how stealthy we got to be - like the line one at DQ, we did that one super fast! Honestly, if planking and plank photography were an Olympic sport, we'd be up there with the best!

Love Rebekah :)

Jessica said...

I love that Philip isn't even paying attention in the DQ one and that no one else is either. Everyone is looking around like it's normal to see some random woman planking in line. LOL!

Mom E said...

I left all my comments on FB but I must say again how funny this is! I can see that if Rebekah lived closer to you, there would be serious fun going on! Love you.