Thursday, March 22, 2012

People pics

Don't worry. Yes, this blog is still about people, not just projects. =) Here are some pictures from the last few days:

Keenan in a hilarious Mater mask that came in his birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa E.
(I have a strange feeling I already posted this?)

Close up of Caleb in his golf gear =)

Keenan with his cool Lego gift from Reagan and Hudson!

We were introduced to Settlers of Catan last week
(I was not a huge fan, and agree with Rebekah W, that's it's more like "Prisoners of Catan".  Philip, however, won his first game!)

The green bunch (it was St. Patty's day) ready to play

Keenan got a haircut!  (Before)

After (he was a little apprehensive about losing his curls, but I assured him they would grow back quickly).

A cute picture Keenan drew of our family
Truck on the left, then Philip (holding a TINY Caleb), then Keenan, Moriah and Me =)

Caleb chillin' with his buddy, Joel, yesterday

So cute!

After Joel left, Caleb took a nap! =)

What a sweet boy

He graduated to his pack'n'play yesterday
(no more swaddling for this boy!)


Amanda said...

My roomates and I are currently addicted to Settlers! We probably place 2-3 games at least 3 times/week...It's a wonder we ever do homework

Anonymous said...

We have been HUGE settlers fans for about 9 years now! Try again, it's a staple for our friends game nights!

Mom E said...

You posted the Mater mask pic on my FB.
Have Never heard of the game. How do you pronounce Catan?
I definitely liked Keenan's hair B4 better than after. He looks too old with the new cut and I'm just not ready for that yet! :) I bet it feels good though to have less hair with it getting hotter now.
Cute, cute pic of Caleb sleeping.
Love and miss you, Mom

Anonymous said...

We have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Catan. I think the extended version is better.

Mom E, the accent falls on the second syllable.

Aunt Heather

Hannah:) said...

Awesome pics! We are so addicted to Settlers!

Shambach's said...

We love the game Settlers. It's unusual for me to like a strategy game, but this one has enough chance to it that I actually got into the game. We play it often! It's good to practice w/ just 2 people!

Anonymous said...

Not a Settlers fan at all :) but yay for those who are !