Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nasty Shelf to Egg-cellent Display

Another "Trash to Treasure" experience for me... =)

I found this shelf in someone's huge pile of trash on Monday.

Rough.  Shape.  So gross!

I cleaned it up as best I could and got out the spray paint...

Much better!

I wasn't really sure what to do with it next, though.   Where would I hang it?  What would go in it?   Then it hit me.   I have a blank space above my sink (since I took the plaque down that was there, intending to "re-make it", but hadn't got to it yet).    It's Easter time, and I decided I'd make it into an egg display!

Hard boiled eggs, paint, Sharpies... I'm set!
(I broke Four eggs in the process!)

Once the eggs were finished, I realized I'd need something to stand them in on the shelf.  But what?   Then it hit, me, I had the perfect thing!!

These tiny votive holders from IKEA!

After putting the eggs in, I realized I needed a little more contrast between the white shelf and the eggs, so I did a light blue paint wash on the back, and I like it much better!

All done - I'm in love!

Here's a few of my favorite eggs:

A true "Easter Egg", don't you think?

The reason for it all

American flag

Canadian flag

Fun, puzzly, camo-ish one

Don't Ever underestimate the value of what's in the trash!! =)

* I'm continuing to add all my projects to Joia's DIY Projects, so you can see them all in one place.  Just use the search bar on the right of the blog and enter "DIY"*


Kiley said...

If you ever do this project again and fun way to keep them for years to come is to put holes on both ends of the egg and blow out the insides. Once your finished, spray it with some spray poly and your good to go. One year I printed out pictures of my husbands family when they were all babies and put them on the eggs. They came out so beautifully. I still have them to this day and that was 13 years ago!!

Good luck!!


Joia said...

Thanks Kiley, That sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love the eggs! :) Liz G