Monday, March 19, 2012

Mark and Rebekah's Visit 2012: Part Two

Here are the rest of the pictures from Mark and Rebekah's visit. (Most of these are Rebekah's, I think):

Uncle Mark lovin' on Caleb

Mark and Keenan and Moriah at the Air Armament Museum

Yes, a B-52 is Huge, but man, look how tiny they look under it!

I love this picture Rebekah took of us at Logan's

I was being goofy and had a picture taken with the "peanut bucket" menu... the kids decided to follow suit:

Love this!

On Friday, we hit the Beach!

Sweet girl

Keenan braving the cold water

I LOVE this picture Rebekah got!  So funny!

How sweet...

With Auntie Bekah

Making a sandcastle with Uncle Mark

Smiley baby waking up

Keenan and Uncle Mark

Me and my sweet kids


Photo bombing! =)

What a great looking couple!

Happy kids with Uncle Mark


First trip to the beach - pretty sunny!

What more could a kid want?

The waves were Very strong - here's Mark helping both kids back in

Fun stuff

Sleepy boy

Splashing in the waves

I really like this one of Mark and Rebekah

I accidentally switched to color swap - kinda cool!

There are some more pictures of projects we worked on while they were here, but I'll do a separate post on those...

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Mom E said...

They are ALL such great pics, I can't choose favorites! So glad you had so much fun. You are one blessed girl to have such a great friend who is also your s-i-l. :)