Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mark and Rebekah's Visit 2012: Part One

We had an Amazing four days with Mark and Rebekah here! Rebekah takes even more pictures than I do, so I ended up with a TON from their visit, which is why it's not all in one post... =)

Caleb laughing

With Auntie Bekah

I love how he's holding onto Mark's shirt =)


Being goofy

At Turkey Creek

Smelling the flowers =)

Two cuties on the dock

Getting a ride from Uncle Mark


Love this one

Sweet smiley boy just after he woke up

Present time!
(I LOVE how Caleb is pulling Moriah's hair here!)

Adorable outfits from Mark and Rebekah

Caleb's (what a stud!)

At Dairy Queen

Moriah and Uncle Mark

So cute!

Trampoline time!

This is awesome!

How cute are they??

Sooo sweet of Caleb sleeping on Auntie Bekah =)

Lots more fun pictures to come!


The Woodfords said...

Love the pics!! I only have had Bekah's to choose from when they've visited - I can't imagine how many you have!! =) So glad you got to spend March Break together! xo

Mom W. said...

I love the one of Riah on the trampoline!!

Mom E said...

So many great pics. The one of Moriah on the trampoline is a really great one, and I love Keenan with his arm around her when they're all dressed up, Caleb laughing, pulling on Moriah's hair, and the pics of Mark and Rebekah too.