Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keenan's birthday celebration at School

Since Keenan's birthday was on the weekend, we decided to take treats in to his class last Thursday at school. Instead of doing cupcakes like most people do (you have to buy them, you can't make them yourself - lame), I decided to get fresh donuts from the Awesome donut shop in Niceville.

It was adorable how excited Keenan was that we were there and that he got to show off his little sister.. =)

Moriah was so proud that she got to help pass out the napkins to the class

A bashful grin while the class was singing, "Happy Birthday" =)

Excited about her donut!

I love to see them so happy together

All these little girls were Very interested in Caleb
One of them asked, "Can I pet your baby?"


Mom E said...

Oh that donut place has THE best donuts ever! Good choice. You captured his bashful grin perfectly. Soooo cute, "can I pet your baby?"! Obviously no younger kids in that family. lol.
Loved how Moriah got to be the big helper.

Oh Joia, enjoy the fact that Keenan is excited you visit him in class, because a day Is coming where he will not want you there. I thought I might escape that this time around with Isaac, but alas, he no longer asks me to have lunch with him. Although it's a good sign of independence in his growth, it still bears a sting of sadness & reality that my "little" boy is gone. He still wants me to go on the bus (but not sit with him) on fields trips tho.. :)

Mom W. said...

Pet your baby, funny!! Love it!