Saturday, March 10, 2012

Keenan is Five!

Our firstborn is five years old! Half a decade! HOW did this happen?? I feel like this is such a milestone, and he has been sooo excited about this birthday!

This morning, shortly after he got up (no one else was up except Caleb), he and I were talking:
Me: Keenan, guess what?
Keenan: What?
Me: You're Five years old!
Keenan: I'm Five? Right NOW??
Me: Yup!
Keenan: Yay! I'm Five!!
Me: How does it feel to be five?
Keenan: "It's Fun!" (Then, totally surprised, he looks down at his pajamas) and says, "Why do these pajamas still fit??" =)

It was a Beautiful day for a birthday! We had the party outside on the new deck (wahoo!) and had lots of wonderful friends come and celebrate with us and party (some for almost six hours!) =)

Keenan with his cake, etc right before the party

The cake


Monster truck tatoos


Yes, Philip's hand is behind him but I still think this one should be captioned,
"Yup, third kid"

Some of the awesome people at the party!

The kids had a blast on the trampoline


Our new deck is rockin'!

The kids loved the Monster Jam visors

Candle time!

Jade and Luke cracked me up with their visors on sideways

We sure love our five year old!

Keenan starting off the beating of the pinata
(I sliced into it in a few places ahead of time to weaken it this time)

Eden takes a whack

The candy all went flying under the deck!

Yup Melissa, the creepy guy wearing the "pinata hat"... all yours =)

Tuckered out at the end of a big day of partying =)

Thanks so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us - what a great day!

Keenan, we love you so much and are so blessed to call you our son!


Mom E. said...

What an incredible party, Joia!! I only wished I could've been there! :( The pic of everyone tired on the trampoline was funny & the "third child" option as a caption would've been hilarious.

The deck is absolutely beautiful.

Keenan's conversation was hilarious! It's so funny how kid's minds think. Isaac & I laughed & laughed at that one.

btw, did you get our voice mail singing HB to Keenan?

Mom W. said...

Happy Birthday Keenan, I cannot believe you are 5 YEARS OLD!!