Thursday, March 8, 2012

Joia's DIY Projects

I decided to compile my projects in one place. This is a variety of things I've done, turning trash into treasure, kid's birthday parties, or just redoing an area in my home. Hope you enjoy and are inspired to create something of your own!

If you click on the link above each picture, it will take you to the post where it tells how each project was made.

*I've added a new gadget on the right side of my blog, a "Search This Blog" option, so you can enter "DIY" to find this post, or search for specific projects by name*

More projects to come!

Birthday Parties

I Love to throw fun parties for my kid's birthdays! Here are a few of their parties:


Lauren Stallbaum said...

You are so talented! How on earth do you find the time?? lol

Sylvia Hill said...

How do I get invited to one of your birthday parties???

Mom E said...

Absolutely amazing, Joia. I also wonder how you not only find the time, but how do you come up with all the ideas?! I just was not blessed with much creativity, so I'm especially in awe of your giftings. :)