Friday, March 9, 2012

Crib Rail to Wall Decor

We've had this extra crib rail for almost five years now. We got it free from the company when we requested a new screw or something for the crib. I've hung onto it (we even moved it from Michigan!) for all this time because I just knew I was going to do something cool with it someday. But what?

Turn it into a decorative piece for our bedroom, of course!

We have a big blank wall that I (in the four years we've lived here) haven't done anything with and have been trying to think of something (fairly large) that I could hang there. This sort of came together in my head, and "Peace" seemed like a good word since our room is a calm, quiet place to be in our hectic house.

The rail did get used a while ago, when I redid Moriah's room,

... but after she grew out of baby stuff, it got sent back to the basement.

I had these (two small canvases and three plaques) that I had bought over a year ago for 90 cents a piece, thinking I'd use them for something...

I arranged them how I wanted them to look on the rail (and took this picture in case I forgot later)

I "sloppy painted" the rail (I wanted the wood to show through a little)
Hey, Spunky =)

I painted all the canvases/plaques blue and drew the letters on and painted them dark blue

Thankfully, each one had a hanger on the back, so I was able to easily loop my twine through to tie them on with!

Then I just put them at the height I wanted and tied them each with a bow at the top

I thought using a different font for each letter would be fun and I like how it turned out

... and there you have it! Peace Out!


The Woodfords said...

Love it, Joia - very neat!!

Missin' you all!
Love, Steph

Mom W. said...

Peace sista! Very nice Joia!!

Mom said...

AWESOME! I enjoyed knowing the detail of how you actually made it.

And I had to lol @ your comment, "hey spunky" & at your mom's comment too. She is funny. Love, Mom E.