Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 Last night, I got to see my friend, Brittny, for the first time since she and her family moved away last year!  Her husband, Brandon, is spending a year in Korea, so she and the kids moved to Alabama to be close to family while he's gone.    Brandon is home right now for a couple weeks of leave, and their family came down to Eglin for a few days.   It was soo awesome to see them!   We all had dinner together at the Storeys house.  Fun times!   All the kids had changed so much and Joel and Caleb were both born since we'd all been together!

Rebekah, Brittny and I with the little dudes

The best part?  Brittny and Brandon are moving Back here in the summer when Brandon is done in Korea!  Woohoo!

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Mom E said...

Wow, one YEAR? That must be so incredibly difficult to be apart for so long. How fun that she is going to move back there! That is awesome.