Monday, February 27, 2012

What's Been Goin' On...

Here's a few pictures to catch you up on what's been going on at our house (besides sickness) lately...

Philip and Caleb having a good chuckle together =)

Love these two!

The sweet little girl that lives here
(I am in Love with this hat!)

Goofy kids (they Love cucumbers!)

Small group at Ruby Tuesdays last night

Yesterday, a sweet old lady, randomly asked if she could give the kids something, and had her son go get these two tigers out of her car! How sweet is that!? They have named them "Jake" and "Molly" =)

One of the stars of Mommy's blog =)

I had my two week post op appointment this afternoon. The surgeon says everything looks great, and other than some weird pain below my incision (that may be due to some nerve damage), I'm good to go! I'm excited to be able to start exercising again and work at losing the rest of this baby weight! =)


Mom W. said...

This is different, (I mean the place to put the comment!!) Great pictures of Caleb (and Philip too).

I love the hat too!! What a sweet old lady, I wonder if that is her mission in life... to make little people smile!!

Mom E said...

The cucumber pic is funny, & I ditto your moms comments. :)

Anonymous said...

I heard about a scam where people give kids stuffed toys out of nowhere and they have cameras in them. Creepy.

Love you joia