Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend with Wendi - Part One

I wasn't going to start blogging about this trip until I got home, but I ended up with a little more time than I was expecting, so here's the first day in pictures:

Caleb and I had a great day of travel on Friday and got to Merritt Island to Mom and Jeff's in the evening. We spent the night and had a relaxing morning (and delicious breakfast) before hitting the road again. It was only about two and a half hours to Coconut Creek to Wendi's parent's house, where she is staying.

I was able to see the Wifia last spring at our reunion in Colorado...

... all except Wendi =(

So, this trip was super important to me!

Now I've "collected all five!"

It was SO good to see her! We picked right up where we left off (nearly two years ago!) and have been having a great time so far!

I had never met her baby, Abigail, and her boys, Isaac and Elijah have grown up so much!

Abigail and Caleb getting acquainted
(She is more than twice his age, but they are almost the same size, and his feet are as big as hers!) =)

Isaac being sweet with Caleb

Ironically, there was a Turkish festival going on in Fort Lauderdale, so we decided to go check it out! Wendi was excited to introduce us to a little of "her" culture, and it was awesome hearing her speak Turkish to the people there (they were all so surprised!) =)

Music, dancing, spices, food, jewelry, pottery - a great little taste of Turkey!

Lahmacun - sort of a Turkish "pizza" rolled up with salad in the middle - very good!

Wendi and I with the flags

I love this picture of Wendi with her kids by the fountain

After the kids went to sleep, Wendi and I hit up DQ. It's a favorite with both of us and I think it was her first visit since coming back to the US!


Mom W. said...

Wow, Turkish festival, ironic indeed!! Really cool though!! Hi to Wendi!!

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