Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine's Day... the day every year that makes me think in red and whites and hearts and curly cues. =)

I Had to dress the kids up and get some pictures, because that's what we Do around here! Here's a look back at the last few years:




I tried to put Keenan and Moriah in the shape of a heart with Caleb in the middle, but they really aren't quite tall enough yet to be able to bend in that shape =)

Love this one


And of course we can't forget that this is Caleb's first ever Valentine's!
Notice his "tattoo" =)

I kept Keenan home from school today because he was coughing pretty bad. Today was kind of a big deal at school today though, and I felt really bad that he was missing it (he'll still get all his valentines tomorrow and get to pass out his own). So, to make it up to him, we made the day fun by doing some fun valentine's crafts (we took some to Philip), making miniature cupcakes and decorating them (we took some to Myrtle for her birthday), watching a Valentine's movie, and.. after their nap, I set out a fun tea party for them.

Table all ready

Sweets tray

Cupcakes, pretzels and Nilla wafers dipped in candy melts

Chocolate initials

Different view

Chocolate dipped apples

Fun decoration left over from Moriah's 2nd birthday party

Cool silhouette

Ready to dig in!

I think this one is really sweet

Tea, anyone?

Sweet sleepy face

They opted to switch to their plastic tea set =)


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