Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turkey Creek with Moriah and Caleb

Yesterday I went to Turkey Creek for my first real post op walk. It was a Gorgeous, warm spring day! I had great ambitions, but a mile and a half proved to be enough. =)

Hittin' the boardwalk

Caleb taking a snooze

My sweet girl

Watching bugs swim on the water

Water strider - these things are soo cool!
(Wikipedia lists over a dozen different names these bugs go by, including "Jesus Bugs"- because they can walk on water - hilarious!!)

Saw about a dozen of these "birds"

Don't know what these are, but they are beautiful!

My big helper =)

Some little dudes we saw on the way out

Moriah Loves to get the mail from the mailman!

Keeping Caleb company during tummy time =)


Debbie said...

Those gorgeous yellow flowers are daffodils---one of my favorites!

Brittny said...

Moriah is getting so big!!! I love seeing pics of your family. : )

Mom W. said...

Daffodils don't grow on a bush but they are similar! What a beautiful day and so warm looking compared to here!!

Mom said...

The picture of Moriah sitting on the dock (of the bay) is gorgeous, Joia! Her lips see so red it looks like she's wearing lipstick. That coupled with her naturally curly, blonde hair is so striking.