Sunday, February 12, 2012

They're Gone =(

Andrew and Bethany left to drive back to South Carolina this morning. Andrew was here for three weeks and did some AMAZING stuff for us! It will take many more posts to cover it all. Thank you, Andrew, So much for coming - we truly enjoyed having you stay with us and you accomplished more than we ever thought possible!

It was really nice to get to spend some time with Bethany, too, before their wedding in June. Even though I was feeling pretty nasty most of the time she was here, it was nice to hang out and she was a Huge blessing and help to us with the kids during and after my surgery.

You two are such a perfect couple. I'm so glad you found each other and I can't wait for your wedding to get here! Love you both!

At Pepito's last night for dinner

Our side of the table

A goofy one with Keenan

A lot of thanks also goes out to my wonderful husband, Philip! He came to be with me before and after my surgery, and took Friday and tomorrow (Monday) off to be able to help me while I'm recovering. It was totally a God thing that he already had Friday off, since I needed him so desperately in the ER that day!

He did a shrimp boil (on his own) for dinner on Friday and has been a great help with laundry and meals, the kids, and carrying Caleb wherever I need him, since I still can't lift him. I love you, Babe! You are such a blessing to me! =)

I love this sweet picture of he and Caleb last night

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