Thursday, February 16, 2012

Philip's Birthday Continued

Here are a few more pictures from the rest of the day yesterday:

We had our annual "birthday dinner" with Myrtle (to celebrate her birthday on the 14th and Philip's on the 15th) at Logan's. I've decided it's one of the Best kid restaurants around because they LOVE throwing the peanut shells on the floor! =)

Keenan and his beautiful date (doesn't she look amazing for 81?)

I love this one!

Me and my man

Our boys

Birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday before the kids went to bed
(they got to eat it for breakfast this morning) =)

We usually end up with waaay too much cake, so I scaled it back this year

Big News!!! Caleb and I are taking a road trip this weekend to Fort Lauderdale, to see.... WENDI!!!! I think most of you know Wendi, she was one of the "wifia" here during our residency and she and her husband JB, are currently stationed in Turkey. She's in South Florida for a month right now, her first visit back to the US! Even though it's 10 hours away, it sure is a lot closer than Turkey, so there is no question, I'm Going!!

Philip will stay here (bless his heart) with Keenan and Moriah for the four days that we'll be gone. I'll leave tomorrow and drive to Merritt Island where we'll spend the night with Mom and Jeff before driving the last three hours on Saturday. We get back home on Tuesday.

I'm not planning to blog while we're gone, so I have several posts ready to auto post while I'm gone.

Please pray for safety as we travel and that I will continue to heal quickly during this time as well.


Mom W. said...

Yes Myrtle is AMAZING fro 81, love the "halo" on Philip in the pictue with Moriah, maybe everyone gets that at 31!-????

Have a great trip, praying for you, enjoy your time with Wendi!!

... and Happy Birthday Philip!!

Brittny said...

Myrtle looks AWESOME!!!!!!

Please tell Wendi hello!!!! Have a safe trip and can't wait to see pics! Also, you HAVE to give her a really, really, really big hug for me! I'm super duper missing my FL friends!!!!