Monday, February 13, 2012

Murphy Bed Reveal

When we moved into our house four and a half years ago, the office had a "cut out" space that used to be a closet for the front room. It was then paneled over on that side and left as a cubby in the office. From the very beginning, Philip always thought that it would make the perfect spot to put a Murphy bed! (If you don't know what this is, you're not alone, I had never heard of/seen one before either). It's a bed that folds up into a closet or cabinet when not in use.

Here is the spot in the office prior to demolition...

.... and here it is now!

Order of events to get us here:

First, this paneling had to come off the other side of the wall.

Philip's dad helped to rip out all of the old finish work that had been put in place. The stud wall (made up of an odd combo of 2x4s and 1x4s) eventually came out after Andrew arrived and we finalized our plans for the space.

View from the toy room. It's hard to tell but there are quite a few holes that the panelling had been hiding which had to be patched as part of putting drywall on both sides of the new stud wall.

WOW! We've been wanting to get rid of that panelling for a long time.

Andrew assembling the bed frame (before stain and varnish). The mechanism, hardware and plans came from Create-A-Bed. It uses a gas piston lift mechanism to counter balance everything so you can raise and lower it with one hand. We got the plans for a full size bed, and despite the plans saying "Do not modify" we made some significant changes to their plans since we were putting it in a hole in a wall rather than building a free standing cabinet to sit against a wall.

Andrew and Philip starting to assemble the various components (after stain and varnish). This took them longer than they expected since they didn't realize that are increased height of the cabinet would make it impossible to rotate to a standing position and thus it needed to be assembled vertically.

Philip's "Wilson" look =) holding the bottom of the "headboard cubby" in place while Andrew screws it into place. In the original plans the headboard is flush with the back of the cabinet. Because we didn't want to waste space in our opening we made the cabinet deeper and the area behind the headboard is now a cubby with a lid that doubles as the shelf (more pictures of that later).

Trying to fit it into the wall. They ended up needing to cut the hole bigger because Philip modified the plans to be only one inch narrower when he should have done two inches. Need to move a stud by an inch? Not a problem for Andrew.

Look at the gorgeous "faux cabinet" front!

I love the cabinet space at the top that is actually usable!! Philip's Dad suggested removing some additional drywall and adding cabinet doors and Andrew figured out how to make it happen. Thanks to both of you!

Detail on the legs

When you pull the legs out it releases the locks on top...

...and down comes the bed!
(I was a little worried about the kids getting crushed under it or folded up inside but now that I've seen it in action I'm reassured.)

Here I am showing how the shelf above the headboard folds up. Andrew suggested adding the electrical outlet and a small hole in the shelf so we could plug in a lamp and/or an alarm clock.

...and there you have it, folks. We have a Murphy Bed! Come visit! =)

I'm so excited that we have an actual "guest room" and I'm already decorating it...

A small chalkboard I made while I had the paint out for the pantry doors

Some vintage Coca Cola bottles I painted

Who will be our first visitors?


Melissa L. Penny said...

That is awesome! Love it!

We could check in for tonight - Penny party of two, does it come with free breakfast?

Rebekah Storey said...

THAT.IS.SO.COOL! You used the "D"!!! And I LOVE the coke bottles! And Melissa, I'm sure any hotel or MOtel would be happy to have you two right now, but I'm quite certain that you will find hesitancy when it comes to staying at one of ya'lls friend's houses, you two being apart for 6 months an all..... :)

Hannah:) said...

That's so awesome Joia!! Never thought of that idea before. You look awesome by the way. Don't overdo yourself!
Take care:)

Anonymous said...

That's really neat! You are so lucky that Andrew is so talented at creating things. I'm sure you'll have visitors before you know it!

Andrew said...

Just wanted to say that it's wasn't Philip's mistake that the bed was too wide for the opening. He checked the measurements with me and I said it was ok. It was my mistake. I'll try never let one of those happen again. :)

If anyone is wanting to build one of these, the plans that come from Create a bed are very easy to follow and you don't have to have much experience to do it either.

Mom E said...

Our house in Detroit had a Murphy bed & I loved it. This is beautiful. I loved the design on the legs, the shelf idea....all of it! Great work. said...

Your Murphy Bed came out great. I'm curious about the hardware mechanism you use for the locking feet with the decorative wood block. Do you have a source for this locking foot device?

thanks! ~ Jim

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murphy bed ikea said...

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