Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Melted Crayon Art

I first saw one of these about a year ago. It was on Etsy and was for sale for way more than I wanted to pay, but I thought it was Awesome! Now they are sweeping Pinterest and maybe the world. Today I made it mine.

It's a really easy, super cheap piece of art!

Mine cost about $8.

All you need is a 16x20 canvas, a 64 count box of crayons, a glue gun and a hair dryer!

I took out the browns, greys and blacks and sorted the rest into shades...

All glued on

Then you lean it up against a wall (covered with newspaper so it doesn't get splattered). Turn your hair dryer on high and hold it close to the crayons (about half way down). Move back and forth across the colors until you get the look you want.

I realized later I could have used the hair dryer down lower on the melted wax to make it run farther down if I'd wanted to.

I love it!

Since all these bright colors make me happy, I decided to add this verse

Go do it!


Mom W. said...

Intersting!!!! Cool idea!!

The Mac's House said...

LOVE this craft! Again you come up with some of the best ideas!

Anonymous said...

Saw this on pintrest! Do you have an account there?

Anonymous said...

Love this! Thanks for telling me "how to..."! :)
p.s. we are eating cinnamon buns tonight because of your picture on FB with Andrew!

Anonymous said...

I bought the canvas, now I need to get the crayons. Most of the ones in our house are used and I'm 1.5 hours from the nearest store that won't charge me $20 for 64 crayons! Can't wait to get started! :)