Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Visits for Caleb and I

Though they were short, it was great to have some visits (delicious food, comfy beds, and lots of laughs) with Philip's family in Merritt Island on our way to and from Fort Lauderdale!

Uncle Isaac and Comet chillin' with Caleb

Caleb laughing at Grandma =)

Reagan and Aunt Jessica chattin' it up with Caleb

Caleb and Adilyn have changed a LOT since they had their picture taken together at three weeks!


Bam! Look at these cute three month olds!

"Um, she's sitting on me..."

Since it had cooled down quite a bit, Jeff built a fire
(I love how it reflected on the wood floor)

So thankful they were on my way South and that we could spend time with them, as well as breaking up the ten hour trip each way. =)


Jessica said...

so cute!! Glad we got those pics of our sweet bambinos together!

Mom W. said...

Wow, has Adilyn ever changed, she is so cute!! Great pictures of two cutie cousins!!

denise said...

look at Adilyn's smile! so cute. I love the fireplace picture, great job!

Mom said...

I'm just now reading this. I'm sorry I'm so behind. I love the photos of the kids & the fireplace pic is great.