Saturday, February 11, 2012

Entryway Redo

One of the creative urges I got last week was aimed at our back hallway/entryway...

The new look!

Andrew helped me paint the hallway with paint that we had left over from other parts of the house, I think it looks soo much better!

This bench has been sitting in the toy room for a while. It's a "trash save" from over a year ago. The rail on the left side was broken off when I found it.

Andrew put a new piece of wood on the left and sanded it down for me

In order to better use the space in the hall, I thought it would be fun to have a bench and matching shelf, with hooks above it. I found one online, showed it to Andrew, he determined that we had enough wood left over from other projects, and the next day, this was sitting in my kitchen!

All ready for paint

The new and improved bench/shoe storage (love these baskets Bethany and I found at Target!)

Not sure yet what we'll use the upper storage for, but I have no doubt we'll think of something =)

This is my first attempt at abstract painting (originally made to go over the Murphy bed, but it was too small for the space). Fortunately it matches the shelf really well!


The Woodfords said...

I love it! This is similar to what I've been thinking I'd like to do with our front entrance! Love the colours!

Brittny said...

It looks awesome!!!!! You and your brother are very talented! I'm thinking the baskets can hold leashes, flip flops, scarves, hats, sunscreen, mittens, etc. Just to think of a few. So glad you are feeling better!!!

Rebekah Storey said...

This is pretty fantastic! The colors are wonderful and bright just like you were hoping for and I love your painting! :) I agree with Britt about what the baskets can hold. Of course, you better get on putting mittens in there like, NOW, because it's supposed to be 70 tomorrow and you'll have to just put them back away in storage again! :)

Mom W. said...

Love the new bed, and the new entry way, REALLY nice!! Especially the BLUE bench and wall organizer! Good work Andrew and Joia!!