Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Caleb here...

Yo Dudes, Caleb here...

I'm three months old, Y'all!

So... it's been a pretty sweet ride so far. I got a roof over my head and like ten square meals a day, so it's all good. I spend lots of time with Mommy in the night. She doesn't seem to appreciate the quality time with just me at 3 am, what's up with that?

Keenan and Moriah are pretty cool. Keenan has this voice that he Only uses when he talks to me, and usually it's saying "Hey, Googlie Booglie..." what does that even mean??

I am as easily as amused as my Mommy is and laugh a LOT these days, which in turn makes Her laugh even more! =) Pretty funny stuff.

Speaking of funny... SHE thinks that this "diaper hat" is funny. Apparently all of her babies have worn these at one time or another. How humiliating!


So, she goes by "BIG" sister... not sure why, I could practically hold her on My lap!

Here's my "official three month" picture... yup, I'm a stud

This is my laughing face

Speaking of laughing, check out my video:


Mom W. said...

LOVE it!!! Have to watch the video over and over!!

Diaper hat... Hmmmm poor Caleb, humiliating indeed!! =)

Hannah:) said...

He's so cute!! Love the little giggles:)

Gr'ma E said...

Thank you, Caleb, for your wonderful post. I especially loved hearing you laugh! Hey, sorry about the diaper hat, but you gotta admit, your Mom IS really fun. So a diaper hat just comes with the territory eh? (Like how I slipped in that Canadian slang, eh?)

I sure miss you & can't wait to see you again. Be cool with your big bro & sis & give them a hug for me & your daddy too.

I love you, Grma