Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turkey Creek with Moriah and Caleb

Yesterday I went to Turkey Creek for my first real post op walk. It was a Gorgeous, warm spring day! I had great ambitions, but a mile and a half proved to be enough. =)

Hittin' the boardwalk

Caleb taking a snooze

My sweet girl

Watching bugs swim on the water

Water strider - these things are soo cool!
(Wikipedia lists over a dozen different names these bugs go by, including "Jesus Bugs"- because they can walk on water - hilarious!!)

Saw about a dozen of these "birds"

Don't know what these are, but they are beautiful!

My big helper =)

Some little dudes we saw on the way out

Moriah Loves to get the mail from the mailman!

Keeping Caleb company during tummy time =)

Monday, February 27, 2012

What's Been Goin' On...

Here's a few pictures to catch you up on what's been going on at our house (besides sickness) lately...

Philip and Caleb having a good chuckle together =)

Love these two!

The sweet little girl that lives here
(I am in Love with this hat!)

Goofy kids (they Love cucumbers!)

Small group at Ruby Tuesdays last night

Yesterday, a sweet old lady, randomly asked if she could give the kids something, and had her son go get these two tigers out of her car! How sweet is that!? They have named them "Jake" and "Molly" =)

One of the stars of Mommy's blog =)

I had my two week post op appointment this afternoon. The surgeon says everything looks great, and other than some weird pain below my incision (that may be due to some nerve damage), I'm good to go! I'm excited to be able to start exercising again and work at losing the rest of this baby weight! =)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mantel Makeover

We have this big, huge brick fireplace in our family room that I love.
However, I'd never really decorated it, because of these:

Two air vents for the fireplace (and an outlet) that are totally in the way!
So, I've just always had a big picture (or 2) up there to hide them.

I was working on a different large painting to put up there, since I was getting tired of Brooklyn Bridge. But when I cleared it off, it hit me that yes, there Could be a way to work around those vents and still be able to have a cute mantel!

I decided to "shop my house" like people suggest. Instead of buying new decorative stuff, walk through every room in your house and collect things that will work with the project you have in mind. I found some good stuff! =)

I covered an empty paint can with the leg of a pair of capris I had that were stained
I love the pocket =)

Numbers seem to be "in" these days. I chose 5 since that's how many people are in our family.
We have a bunch of extra tiles in the basement, so I stenciled one in blue

Terra cotta pots I had sitting around
I did a light paint wash, wrote on them with a sharpie and added a ribbon

This sign in one of my favorite parts.
It was an Anne Geddes print I've had since I was a teenager.
I taped around the picture, painted it blue, and stenciled the word "home" on it. Done!

Scrapbook paper, twine and a sharpie.. =)

I found this frame in the trash a few days ago and painted it.
The fabric is part of an old t-shirt. I pinned it into the frame and then stamped paint circles on it with the end of a paper towel roll.

This clock was handmade by my grandpa and was given to us as a wedding gift.
(It doesn't currently work, but.. it's 5:00 somewhere, right?)
I had a bunch of unfinished wooden blocks in my craft cupboard, left over from a MOPS project several years ago so I painted one coat of white and added letters.


Go do it! Shop YOUR house! You'll be surprised what you find!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Visits for Caleb and I

Though they were short, it was great to have some visits (delicious food, comfy beds, and lots of laughs) with Philip's family in Merritt Island on our way to and from Fort Lauderdale!

Uncle Isaac and Comet chillin' with Caleb

Caleb laughing at Grandma =)

Reagan and Aunt Jessica chattin' it up with Caleb

Caleb and Adilyn have changed a LOT since they had their picture taken together at three weeks!


Bam! Look at these cute three month olds!

"Um, she's sitting on me..."

Since it had cooled down quite a bit, Jeff built a fire
(I love how it reflected on the wood floor)

So thankful they were on my way South and that we could spend time with them, as well as breaking up the ten hour trip each way. =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Rest of my Wendi Visit

Okay, finally, here are the rest of the pictures from my weekend with Wendi!


We went to Joan's house (Wendi's lifelong friend and Isaac's birth grandma) in the morning for a quick visit and then went with her to the beautiful private beach in her neighborhood. It was gorgeous!

Caleb and I chillin' in the shade

Fun times

I love this one of our feet =)

Such a sweet boy!

My favorite of Wendi and I

Tuckered out!

That afternoon, after naps for all, we went to visit with the Kits, John's family. I had met all of them before, and was thrilled to get to see them on this visit! What a wonderful family!

I LOVE this one of Wendi and the boys in the treehouse

They have an AMAZING garden in their backyard that I got a tour of! It supplies them with with at Least a dozen different vegetables, fruits and herbs... totally awesome!

Just a few of the Many things growing in their garden!
Raspberries, tomatoes, peppers and papaya

John's Dad and Abigail

Wendi and Isaac modeling the lobster hats from Aunt Betsy =)

... and Elijah

Elijah and his cousin, Grace

I love this of Wendi and Isaac


We drove to West Palm beach to visit Wendi's brother, Keith, and his wife, AD and their sweet girls...

We all (five adults, pushing five strollers containing seven kids) walked to the park near their house. It was HOT! Record breaking temperatures (87) for that time of year!

Caleb riding Clifford =)

Sweet Abigail taking a snooze

When we were finished at the park, it was time for me to hit the road..

One last picture before I left

What an amazing weekend! Totally worth all the driving. It was incredible how "normal" it was to be with Wendi again after almost two years. There wasn't a Second of weirdness, and we picked right up where we left off! She is amazing and is handling the stresses of single parenting three kids while living in various places incredibly well. It was a blessing and an honor to get to spend two days with her.

It was also really nice to just have Caleb with me and to get to love on just him for a couple days. =)

Philip, again, Thank you so much for watching the two older kids for four days for me so I could make this trip! I know you know how important it was to me and that means so much. I love you!