Monday, January 2, 2012

Turkey Creek on a Summery December Day

This first thing doesn't have anything to do with Turkey Creek, just a craft the kids and I did to fend off boredom...

Friday was a gorgeous day to go for a walk, so the kids and I headed to the Turkey Creek boardwalk...

A cool bird (heron?) we saw

Fun angle looking up at this tree

Love this raindrop I found sparkling in the sun!

This didn't turn out well since it was shooting into the sun, but here's all of us

Both bigger kids decided they wanted to ride, so I ended up pushing all three of them for a while!

Sitting in the sunshine on the dock

This is how Moriah walked for a while.. so sweet =)

Fun kids

Same bird at the end of our walk

Caleb snoozing in the fresh air

I love this, they were having so much fun!

Mattress shopping the other night...

Philip and Keenan trying one out

I told Philip that taking me (mom of a newborn and two young kids, who is constantly sleep deprived) wasn't going to be very helpful in picking out the right mattress, since they ALL felt great to me and I could have fallen asleep in minutes on any one of them! =)


Brittny said...

So cute!!!

Mom W. said...

Caleb still not sleeping at night very well???

Mom E said...

Keenans faces are so funny & the 1 pic shld be entitled, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. :) one of my most fav songs. The rain droplet pic reminded me of photos my dad used to take. It was beautiful.