Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Things I'm Excited About This Year!

This new year, 2012, holds a lot of exciting things.. (and these are only the ones I KNOW about!)

Philip's Dad is coming to visit in the next week or so.

We are taking a (road) trip up to Michigan and Ontario to see our families and introduce Caleb in a couple weeks!

When we get back, my brother, Andrew is coming to visit/help out with some projects for three weeks.

Our friend, Melissa, will return from her six month deployment to Kuwait by the end of the month!

My friend, Wendi, (of the wifia, and the wildly popular blog, "Life in The..") will be in South Florida in February and March, and I am determined to see her!

My new niece or nephew will be born in May.

My brother, Andrew, is getting married to his fiance, Bethany, in June!

I'm going to lose all my baby weight, start running, and get fit!

I get to plan THREE kid's birthday parties this year!

I think that's all I know so far, but man... it's going to be a Great year! =)


Mom W. said...

!!!! Go Joia!!

... and Hi to Dan!!

Devin Penny said...

you forgot getting that nagging hernia cut on! according to you that comes before the running and getting fit excitement.