Thursday, January 19, 2012

snow, Snow, SNOW!!!

When we arrived in Ontario, it was rainy, and mild, just a smattering of melting snow here and there... the kids were pretty disappointed. Tuesday night it got colder and some flakes started to fall, and Wednesday morning, the ground was pretty much covered!

Keenan making snowballs

I love this one

Moriah much happier in this snow picture =)

The four of us (I wasn't too interested in bringing Caleb out in this)

Swinging on the tire swing in the snow

It was sooo cold!

Big pushes from Daddy

We were here!

Our boot prints =)

Moriah ready to throw a snowball


Happy about the snow!

Keenan throwing a snowball at Philip

...and getting one back =)

I Love my mitts!

Philip's snowball hurtling at me

Last night, Mark and Rebekah joined us, along with Rob and Ada for dinner and a fun night of laughter and a few rounds of what I call "Telephone Pictionary" =)

Uncle Mark lovin' on Caleb

Mark and Rebekah with Caleb and Joshua

Soup night!

The four grandsons

Moriah got a sweet kiss from Brayden =)

Rebekah and I

This morning it wasn't snowing at all. Then a few lazy flakes started to fall, which turned into a lot more Big flakes falling much faster (or rather blowing across the yard horizontally), and now we have accumulated several inches (or a foot or more where it has drifted), with no sign of stopping!

Keenan loved the amount of snow coming down!

A picture out the window of the library where we're using the internet


Devin Penny said...

SO I love Phillips photo bomb behind the pic of the two babies.
Bekah storey should be happy Philip brought her game to Canada and that it now has a name :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Canada, Dooley family! Hope you have a wonderful visit, and enjoy the snow!

Anonymous said...

well I guess you guys came to canada at a good time! This is really the only snow we have had! we had a little bit around the 1st but that was not much and it went away with the rain! Enjoy! Hope you guys are having a great time!