Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow and More Family

There wasn't a lot of snow, but enough for the kids to have fun with! =) They bundled up and played out there for quite a while yesterday morning...

Moriah doesn't look too happy here - she had decided to come in, until...

Keenan offered to pull her on a sled

... and even backwards!

Happy girl!

Collecting snow

They (and Philip) also amused themselves with a ton of Hot Wheels race track in the basement...

One section...

... around the corner and up another set of stairs!

Caleb's first introduction to Lego

Last night we went to visit with and have dinner with Uncle Dennis and Aunt Mary. We had a Delicious dinner and a great time!

Lifting weights!

Caleb giving Keenan some smiles

The five of us with Uncle Dennis and Aunt Mary

With just the kids

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Mom W. said...

Sorry the snow is pretty much gone... =( but it is still pretty cold!!

Can't wait to see you - SOON!