Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life With Moriah

I decided to post a little about Moriah. I get to spend more one on one time with her these days, now that Keenan is in school three days a week, and she is just (for the most part) a joy to be with! =)

* She LOVES clothes (and changes her outfit an average of three times a day) =)

* She loves going in the shower and would take multiple showers a day if I let her!

* Even though they fight sometimes, she pretty much worships Keenan and wants to do Everything he does.

* She is a good little Mommy to all her dolls, and to Caleb as well.

* Almost every night, she takes a looong time to settle, she comes out to tell us "secrets" (it's usually the same one every night), she sings to herself, she tells her dolls stories (they are actually quite funny to listen to). The other night when Philip and I went in to kiss her before we went to bed, we found her asleep, snuggled up to the air freshener from the bathroom! What a goof! She also says the sweetest bedtime prayers. =)

* She loves to help me in the kitchen, especially if she gets to wear an apron.

* She often talks about growing up so she can be a Mommy with her own babies. A girl after my own heart! =)

* She is very helpful when I'm cleaning the house. She's good at putting things away for me, or for getting things for me that I need.

* She's a good (if not a little slow) eater, and will try almost anything, much more adventurous with food than Keenan.

* She Loves Spunky and will let Spunky lick her face whenever she wants. She can often be found snuggled up with Spunky on the couch.

* She loves everything pink... clothes, food, jewellry, Pinkalicious, Strawberry Shortcake, dress up dresses, pink, pink, Pink!!!

* She's a good little snuggler, which Philip especially loves. =)

* She is getting to be quite the little artist (I think from having Keenan to watch), and can actually make people that look like people (even if they might have the belly button on their face). =)

* She's a good combination of girly girl and tom boy. She loves having her nails painted, her hair done, and wearing Mommy's jewellry, but she also loves playing with cars, getting dirty in the back yard with Keenan and climbing on and jumping off of everything in sight!

That's our Moriah Joy, the spunky, loveable, silly, funny, cute three year old that lives in our house. =)

Being crazy on the trampoline

Hiding in the suitcase when I was packing for our trip


Flakymn said...

What a great post Joia!

Mom W. said...

Sweetness... so like her Momma when she was small!!