Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We went to a small party at Josh and Rebekah's with good desserts, fun games and great company last night...

I made these Nila Turtle Cookie balls

Caleb smiling at his Daddy =)

Yum - isn't the cake Rebekah made gorgeous??

Hungry Hungry Hippos (doesn't Keenan look thrilled to be in the picture?)

Rebekah and I with "flat Melissa"

... who sprouted guns (thanks, Josh)

The awesome honey badger t-shirt we bought for Josh =)

Me and the little man

Hanging out on the deck before some fun games

Josh said, "For the next one, let's all look like we would if a bomb was going off"


Clinking with Moriah

Me and my man

Happy 2012!


Brittny said...

hahahaha!!!!! I love Philip's "I got this look." in the bomb photo. He probably has some super crazy computer way of thinking to shut it off before it blows. Miss you guys and can't wait to hang with you crazy people again!!

Anonymous said...

I checked your food blog, Joia, for the recipe for Nila Turtle Cookie balls. Could you please post it there when you get a
spare (ha!ha!) moment? I won't hold my breath waiting!!
Love, Aunt Nora

Mom W. said...

Philip you really are a good sport, to even acknowledge your wife and crazy friends at times!!