Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun Times

Lots has been going on here lately, but not much of it has made it onto the blog!

Here we are at Dairy Queen on "Customer Appreciation Day" when Everything on the menu was 1/2 price! Woohoo!

Us girls

Daddy sneaking some of Moriah's Dilly bar

The boy's side of the table

Enjoying good stuff

Sleeping cherub

Sweet boy - 12 weeks old today!

This is a first - Keenan addressing valentine's for his class!

Caleb loves his bunny! (These are a tradition with our kids)

Andrew and Philip have made Great progress with the deck(s) and I think they will be done tomorrow! I am sooo excited!!

Random fact: I found out today when I took Spunky to the vet that her birthday is the same as Keenan's, March 10, 2007! Keenan is pretty excited about this! I have a feeling we may have to include her in the festivities when it's party time.. =)


Mom W. said...

Nice header... hang ten?

Cute baby boy and bunny!!!

Wow, didn't the deck go way faster than you expected???

What will Spunky's Birthday theme be? Monster Bones?? =)

Devin Penny said...

i noticed Philip was not on the "boys side of the table"...