Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Road Trip of 2012

We are in Michigan! We left home at 8:00 on Friday morning. At a gas stop several hours later, our battery died, and we had to get a jump (from a sweet old lady with a HUGE German Shepherd in the back seat... she left the door unlatched) =) Anyway, we ended up buying a new battery at Walmart after that (figuring we didn't want to risk getting stranded somewhere... especially as we got into colder and colder states). Thank you Lord for the heads up! =)

The littlest traveller

Goofs in the back

I LOVE road trips!

Busy coloring in the back

We had a great day of travel on Friday and made it 620 miles to Louisville, KY! The kids (especially Caleb) did great!

In the hotel pool

On Saturday, several hours into our drive, Philip realized that we had forgotten to bring our passports!

NOT. COOL. There was no way we could turn around at this point, and I desperately wanted us to be able to go to Canada and see my family!

We scrambled. I called Devin, had him pick up our house key from our neighbor, Myrtle, and then gave him instructions on how to locate our passports in the house. We texted him Aunt Mary's address and he got to the Post Office and got them expedited to us for Monday! Whew! What a relief! Thanks, Devin and thank you Lord for helping Philip remember before it was too late!

We arrived at Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's at about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. The kids were thrilled to have snow!!

Taylor and Moriah having some hot chocolate (with the snow in the background)

Aunt Mary has the Best toys!!

I love Caleb's expression here!

Davis taking a beating (which he deserved)

Davis bench pressing Keenan

Taylor and I

The girls

Last night we went out to Doc's Sports Retreat for a goodbye party for Philip's cousin, Angela and her new husband, Joe, before they move to Virginia.

Caleb got passed around a LOT. =)

Caleb with Uncle Ron and Aunt Patti

Moriah and her buddy, Aunt Mary

Angela and Aunt Patti

Megan, Emma and Aunt Toni having some baby time

The couple of the hour

Ange and Joe with the kids (and Davis photo bombing in the background)
Don't know what photo bombing is? "The fine art of ruining other people's photographs" =)



Mom W. said...

Fun to see everyone!! Good family times!

Becky said...

Hope you have a great time!

I was wondering if you could do a post some time on your tips for road trips with kids. Your kids are so well traveled! We are going to my brother's wedding in Austin in August so I would love any tips you have for making it an enjoyable ride for Joshua.