Monday, January 16, 2012

The Detroit Zoo

* This post was ready several days ago, but somehow I forgot to post it, and since then we haven't had internet access*

We decided sort of last minute Monday morning to pack up and head to the zoo! It was chilly, but fun, and totally worth it!

We got to the penguin exhibit at feeding time!

Staying warm in my sock monkey hat =)

Inside the aviary

Next, butterfly house... The kids loved that the butterflies were just flying around us, freely.

Some shaggy camels

Walking through the zoo

At the polar bear exhibit

... with Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary, Bridget and Keenan

Our only polar bear sighting of the day =0/

Love this one

In the underwater tunnel below the polar bear/seal exhibits

The kids trying make handprints on the frozen wall

I left my hand there for a pretty long time, and mine hardly showed up!

Keenan had a great time, making snowballs and throwing them at all of us =)
Haha. Caption pending on this one, suggestions welcome. =)

It's nice to have a buddy to scratch those spots you just can't reach =)

Giraffe in the snow just seemed weird

Moriah "helping" Daddy pull the wagon

The meerkats cracked me up, sitting like this!

And... my Favorite...

How gorgeous!

Favorite picture of the day

"Wait, what?? There's a What behind me???"

This evening, we met up with Grandma Dooley, Aunt Patti, Angela and Joe for dinner...

Grandma's first time meeting Caleb (her seventh Great Grandchild)

The whole gang

Our passports arrived in the mail today - Woohoo! We can go to Canada tomorrow! =)

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