Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recent December Happenings

Here's my tardy blogging self...

We have been fairly busy, with all that December brings, but having a lot of fun!

A moose hat that was just too adorable not to get for Keenan =)

Caleb in a super cute camo outfit from my friend, Laura
He's "Major" Cutie

Moriah in a birthday outfit from my mom
(She made the skirt!)

Three goofy kids in pj's

School Christmas Program

Keenan's school had their Christmas program last Thursday. He was a shepherd (and a mighty cute one, if you ask me!)

He was on the opposite side of the stage from where we were, so it was hard to get good pictures

One of the many smiles and waves he shot our way during the program =)

Live Nativity

We took our kids to their first live nativity scene on Sunday. A church just a few minutes from our house had one, and it was really cute!

Eden: "Can I pet the donkey?"
Keenan: "It's not a Donkey, it's a Dog!"
It was a goat. =)

On the "hayride to Bethlehem" with a narrator telling the story as we went. Joseph and Mary are passing by in the background

The Shepherds

Mary and Joseph in the stable (with some cows)

The beautiful cross and luminaries at the end, telling of Christ's sacrifice for us all

Getting some fresh air while the rest of us jumped on the trampoline

My jolly little elf

A Surprise!

We woke up this morning to Keenan saying, "There's a car outside... with presents in it!" When we looked out our bedroom window... this brand new Barbie Jeep Wrangler was sitting there... with a Pinkalicious doll in it! There was no card and no note to let us know who it was from!

What an awesome gift from an unknown giver!!
(Still trying to solve the mystery, and find out where the missing battery is)

Our boys - I love how Keenan is holding Caleb's hand =)

The sleeper (from Philip's mom) says, "Grandma loves my chubby cheeks"
(How appropriate!)

Today is my friend, Rebekah's, birthday, so Philip (who is home today - woohoo!) babysat our two oldest and her two oldest, so she and I (and the babies) could go out for lunch with our friend, Nathalie. How awesome is he? =)


Speaking of awesome, he got notice yesterday that he's been selected for Major, pretty exciting step in his military career!

Sparkling Dishes

A couple weeks ago, our (old and not that efficient) dishwasher bit the dust. Our new one was delivered on Monday and installed yesterday. We put the first load in it last night and were sooo excited this morning to open it up and find Sparkling, clean dishes inside! I had even given it some "tough" items (peanut butter covered stuff, and a sticky rice pot)... it passed with flying colors! Merry Christmas to my hands! =)

The weather is strangely warm here - about 75 and muggy today! Not very Christmassy!


Mom W. said...

Muggy weather here too!!! Rainy... Wow, fun gift from unknown giver... what fun!!!

Brittny said...

Looks like fun! I hate this weather too. The kids are adorable! Um, awesome gifts left at your door! Brandon made major too! Super excited for all that did!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!