Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Parade and Passport

Yesterday, at the ripe old age of 28 days, Caleb had passport pictures done! This totally cracks me up, because this picture will be the one in his passport for the next Five years! =)

Here's me and my sleeping cherub. =) Is there anything sweeter than a baby on your chest?? I think not.

And yes, I know, I have the "I've been sleep deprived for a month" look in my eyes...

Last night we went to the FWB Santa Claus Parade. It was our fifth year going and was so much fun! The weather was perfect this year, not freezing like other years, and the kids were at perfect ages to really take it all in!

Apparently Moriah thought this was supposed to be a goofy picture =)

With their buds, Jade and Eden, waiting for the parade to start

Philip and Devin

Me 'n' my man (Yup, there's that sleepy look again..)

Waiting for the next candy throwing float to come by

Caleb (amazingly) slept most of the time, even with all the noise, but woke up for the last little bit

Me and 2/3 of my kids cuddling on the couch this evening

Caleb with a Beautiful baby blanket made for him by our neighbor, Phil's, friend (who I have not met!)

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