Friday, December 2, 2011

... it's almost Party Time!

Tomorrow is Moriah's 3rd birthday party (a couple weeks early), which will need a big post of it's own, so I figured I'd better catch up on the last week now!

Philip with the littlest Michigan fan during the game last Saturday

My sweet niece, Adilyn

Jeff and Erik with the HUGE Ohio State mascot during the game
(but it was not enough for Ohio to pull out a win)

Moriah with her doll and Strawberry Shortcake dress up dress from Grandma =)

Jess and I in our matching pj's with our babies =)

We also celebrated all the kids birthdays since they're all in the next couple of months:

Excited about the cake!

That's one full cake!

All the birthday kids

Jessica and Adilyn

Moriah opening one of her birthday presents

All six grandkids

Me with Adilyn

We had a WONDERFUL visit, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday celebration with family!! We got back home on Monday and have been enjoying having Philip home (he has ten days of paternity leave right now). =)

Yesterday we went to Destin to do some running around and took pictures with the huge tree at Destin Commons:

A funny picture of our reflection in one of the Christmas balls

Philip and his big boy

... and his sweet girl

Moriah and I

All of my kids =)


Anonymous said...

I love the Christmas pictures! So cute! I'm finding it a little hard to get feeling Christmassy, but those pictures are pretty cute!
Love the hat too :)

Love Rebekah :)

Mom W. said...

Fun Birthday party for four!!! Good idea Kathleen with the Strawberry Shortcake dress up outfit!! Didn't know they had those!! Love the pic with all 5 kids, hope you got some good ones for those other grandparents!!

Early Birthday party, was that so it wouldn't run too close to Christmas or so you could do it while Philip is off??

Jessica said...

it's all SIX of the grandkids :) How do we have 6 kids between the two of us? Time is flying!! :)