Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family Trip to the Park

Yesterday we took a chilly, but fun trip to the park on base. It was our first outdoor activity in a while, and the kids were sooo ready! I dressed Caleb up warm, and had him out of his seat at the park, but he never woke up! =)

I love this bunny suit!

I love this picture of Keenan

Yes, this good looking man is My husband =)

Our sweet girl

Oddly enough, he didn't sit up very well in this

Me and the little one

Caleb's first time on the swing!

Daddy and Riah climbing together

Keenan's got some rock climbing skills!

So does Moriah... with some help =)

Big smile!


mom e said...

I'm so jealous of your cold weather! Thx for all the pics Caleb is adorable in his little suit! Miss you guys so much. Love you.

Mom W. said...

Caleb looks really impressed by the swing. ;)